After receiving his first call back, Wyatt Wilmington, an aspiring actor, is diagnosed with a rare disease known as A.D.R. The disease’s symptoms: out-of-sync speech and someone else’s voice. With time ticking before his big audition, Wyatt must find the cure and regain his original voice.

Starring Brian Rothlisberger, Cook Wayne, Eiji Inoue, George Kokkoris, Bucky O’Connell, Jeff Broadway, and Craig C. Chen
Written and directed by Derek Milton
Director of photography – Cory Bailey
Production sound – Daniel Trujillo
Key grip – Adam Unruh
Music – Sten Valin
Colorist – Mark Spencer
Editor – Darius Marvin
Supervising sound editor/re-recording mixer – Joseph Dimarco
Sound design – Natalia Saavedra-Brychcy
Foley – Alvaro Aparichio
Assistant sound editor – Jake Gendusa
Assistant sound editor – Chris Smith


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