Trapped in a dying space station airlock, Alan must choose survival to see his family again or sacrifice to save his crew.

What others are saying:
“[Vacuity is] worth the very meager amount of time it asks of you…It’s pretty killer that a sparse 13-minute film with an ‘$80’ set can tell 10 times the story of the Transformers movies.”
“Without a Hollywood budget to go on, the film is enough to keep the interest levels high and Matzur clearly has the film making minerals to deliver such a simple and effective story.”
“A simple dilemma…given a breathtaking sci-fi makeover–impressive considering the whole short takes place in one small airlock. A-”
“A great snapshot of what it means to be human.”

*( Winner – Tracy Awards 2011 )*
*( Winner – Celtx Seeds 2012 )*
*( Official – Minicon 48 2013 )*
*( Official – Synesthesia 2014 )*
*( Official – Portland Sci-Fi 2014 )*
*( Daily Short – 2014 )*
*( Winner – TCIF3 2014 )*

Official Site:
(Produced for my undergraduate capstone project at the School of Film and Photography, Montana State University – Bozeman.)