A young woman wakes up one morning in a messy apartment, surrounded by drug paraphernalia and empty alcohol bottles. She is hung over, with no recollection of how she got there. As she looks in the mirror, she does not recognize her own reflection. The woman is frightened by a faint memory of a small child and she leaves the apartment, finding that the sunlight is hurting her eyes. She is determined to find out what has happened and who she is.
Somehow, the woman feels drawn to a church, and upon entering, she encounters a priest, who attempt to console her, however, the priest makes a statement about the nature of Hell and how God hates sinners, revealing himself to be a demon, and the woman is extremely frightened and runs out of the church, and into the path of an oncoming car.

The woman, lying in the street badly injured and about to die, is visited by a mysterious man in a suit, who places a business card in her hand as she dies. Moment’s after, the woman once again wakes up in the messy apartment, however this time around, she remembers the events leading up to her death. The woman discovers she has the business card the mysterious man handed her, and she now sets out to find this mysterious man, seeking answers to what is happening to her.
The woman tracks down the place mentioned on the business card, and she finds it to be a strange dance club, filled with people doing drugs and partying wildly. The woman spots the mysterious man, sitting at the back of the club, with a demonic and supernatural aura surrounding him. Another faint memory of a small child haunts the girl. She confronts the mysterious man, who turns out the be the Devil himself, and he finally reveal to her that as a consequence of her alcoholic and drug abusing lifestyle in which she neglected her own child, she is trapped in Hell – a place from which she cannot escape. The woman attempts to kill herself at the club, however finds that she is unable to do so.

The young child unexpectedly appears at the club, and woman sees a glimmer of hope of escaping from Hell. She runs away with the young child, into a bright light of salvation.

The woman is lying in a hospital bed, in a coma. The young child is by her side, trying to wake up her mother. A doctor enters and is revealed to be the Devil, making a statement hinting that the young woman is indeed trapped in Hell.