The Fixer by Conrad Mess – This is the three-minute version for MFF2012

*Be warned, this film is awesome but is for mature audiences.

“The Fixer” (shortened to meet criteria), submitted by Conrad Mess, was a winner in our commemorative annual International Mobil Film Festival in 2012.

The Fixer
August 2011
What if you would have the power to fix anything?

Luis Mieses aka Conrad Mess
Zaragoza, Spain

Credits: The Time Fixer: Paul May

The Boss: BiOmCaNic
White Left Yeye: Martin Rice
White Right Eye: Destroyer Queen
Written, directed, produced & edited by Conrad Mess

Biography: Conrad Mess, was born February 23, 1974 in Zaragoza, Spain.

With no formal film training, Conrad attempted to fulfill his dream of making movies for the first time at age 37, in February 2011. He showcased his first short film, Avenger Love, as an amateur with a home (consumer) video camera. Soon, Conrad began to meet people who were dedicated to film. He received an invitation from a producer in the U.S. to participate in the Pray for Dawn Teaser Trailer Competition. August 2011, Mr. Mess premiered his second short film The Fixer. However, this time, he filmed it with his wife’s iPhone. He won The iPhone Film Festival in L.A., The iPhone Film Festival Singapore, was finalist in the OIFF, and in The Short-non-stop, competing with short films shot with “real cameras”, with a shrinked version of The Fixer.

After The Fixer, He had the opportunity to shoot his next Short film in Hollywood, “The Russian Roulette”, with Adi Spektor, whom he met thanks to Ruben Kasantsev, founder of the IPhone film festival.

“Well, I entered your festival by chance after I finished “The Fixer, “ as I was looking for film festivals to present it. I found your film festival but the rules stated that the films couldn’t be more than three minutes long. So I sadly dismissed the intention of presenting it. But, as you may remember, I decided to send it to you anyways, just so you could see it and to my surprise, when I received your email telling me you liked it a lot and to cut it to three minutes and submit it, I hadn’t thought about cutting “The Fixer” but motivated by your response, I did, and it didn’t come out bad and thanks to that, the three minute version of “The Fixer” won the iPhone film festival of Singapore and was a finalist in OIFF in San Francisco and the Shortsnonstop, competing with “real cameras.” So thanks to the Mobil Film Festival of San Diego, and thanks to you, Susan Botello, The Fixer has won three times. Thank you, my friend.” – Conrad Mess