The Unimaginable


From ferrie = differentieel.

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about the short film:
This short film tells a story about a long gone history.
In a apparently untouched landscape.
You need to find the unimaginable there.
And then you come to the opposite, deeply sunk in snow and frozen surfaces.

Almost the reality of then:
“This beauty, has a thin skin. Scratch the land, and imagine, if you can, what lies buried beneath today”.

idea, direction and sound | ferrie = differentieel
lyrics | Jimmy ThePeach (Aron)
camera, titles and editing | Jöran Maaswinkel
composer | Jorge Franganillo

voices | Jimmy ThePeach – Heribert Lindner – Hans Jansens – Pierre Serné – Marc Wielaert – Steve Harlow

translations | Anneke van de Kassteele – Christine Stefan

special thanks to | Marieke Elsenga – Marlies Ottenberg

2013 ferrie = differentieel Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0

translated lyrics in French and German can be found at
IMBd page


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