The River: Beauty & Hate


The River: Beauty & Hate

from Vadym Sapatrylo

Today I want to share a new video about a special place which evokes contradictory feelings. It’s impossible to not be entranced by the beauty of the Kremenchuk reservoir. At the same time, many hate it as a manmade imposition. It’s creation from 1956 to 1959 forced the residents of over 200 villages to abandon their homes without any assistance or compensation. On top of that, imagine the the feelings associated with knowing that the place of your birth, the place where your life’s memories are built has been literally washed off the face of the planet. In total, 212 villages were flooded and 133 people moved out of the valley. But this video isn’t about those people and their fate, but about the feelings, the emotions, that the water elicits.

Today the Kremenchuk reservoir is the largest in Ukraine with an area of 2252 km2 and a volume of 13.5km3
Despite knowing their history, I can’t help but admire these landscapes. They inspire me.

P.S. This video was unplanned. The large majority of the footage was filmed incidentally at different times over the course of the last year. Today it practically assembled itself into the short video before you now.


Film & edit: Vadym Sapatrylo
Music: Ryan Taubert – We Wish It Was Never Light (licensed by
Sound: stonefromthesky
Gis & cartography: Fedir Gontsa

Nikon D800 + Nikkor 85mm/f1.4 + Carl Zeiss 25mm/f2.8
Dji Phantom 2 + Gopro 3+
Kessler Cineslider + Second shooter


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