The Cull


Nominated for Best British Short Film at the Edinburgh International Film Festival and ultimately recognised in the festival Trailblazer section for Achievement in Direction.

“A harsh world. Hard to watch sometimes which I always like. Amongst all this, a beautiful boy with a lovely face, rising somehow above the pain.” – Andrea Arnold (Wuthering Heights, Fish Tank)

Production comp: Concept Pictures / Finite Productions (

HELP!!! We are currently in the process of raising funding for our next short film entitled The Line. A story in which two twins who despite hating each other, are unable to live separate lives. The story follows the delicate balance of power that shifts between them, in a house separated by a line.

If you would like to be involved, please donate via the TIP JAR button below. All money will go towards the production and your involvement publicised, either through the website or through the end credits. Your help will benefit all involved towards continuing our careers in film. We really need every cent so please contribute if you can.

Thanks so much.

You can also watch the film at the source.


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