From Dimitri Basil.

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Tangerine was the top short selected by Roman Coppola for his one minute film competition.
“This film is so unique. It is a total reflection of the filmmaker’s personality. Despite its short length, it had an appealing free-form and poetic quality. There is one particularly great, sexy moment – so provocative – but tasteful. I love the section which used jump cuts and also the subliminal shots of fruit so cleverly integrated. This whole movie feels like a scene in a longer film which I can’t wait to see”

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Declare Independence – #dazedvisionaries

Starring: Laura Gorun, Gadir Rajab, Cooper Roussel & Anca Tiribeja
Directed by: Dimitri Basil
Produced by: Peter Karpushin/Laura Gorun
Written by: Dimitri Basil & Cooper Roussel
Art Direction: Laura Gorun
Styling: Gadir Rajab/Anca Tiribeja
Music by: Mystic Braves

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