Story of a boy who meets three-legged puppy


Story of a boy who meets three-legged puppy

from Omeleto

Disney offered a job to the student that created this animation. After watching it, I can see why.

Animator Jacob Frey tells the story of a boy who meets three-legged puppy. A boy sits at home playing video games in the dark. His mom comes in and apologizes for coming home so late. She puts a cardboard box down and opens the curtains. She tells him to open the box, then goes to the kitchen to answer the phone. As he approaches, a puppy pops out. But he notices he has a paw missing. He drops the puppy in disgust and kicks him, telling him to get lost. The puppy rolls around and rolls a red ball to him. He kicks it away and the puppy chases it, falling into the box. The boy smirks. As the puppy plays with the ball, he limps around. Finally, he decides to pick up the ball and stands up, revealing he has a missing leg, as well. Then, he tells his mom they’ll be outside. Used with permission from Jacob Frey.
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