Some Things


From Lyndon Lorenz.

Some Things just aren’t easy to explain. This blistering new track blasts a menacing churn of industrial dangerosity on top of totally gross eyeball footage! Click it and crank it and nail it again.

The stock footage is all public domain (and all completely free), courtesy of The Prelinger Archive at The source reels are:

— The Unique Contribution (1959) for the main dude
— How The Eye Functions (1940) for the biology film
— White Magic (1940) for the visible white light
— The Big Bounce (1960) for the communications stuff

The original song was compiled in GarageBand using a disc of AMG clips. The film footage was chopped up, scrambled out, and sprinkled in using iMovie 5.

Be very advised: this is a brutal and aggressive stomp, so lock down your safety straps and grab onto that desktop tight. Here we go.


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