My friend Kenny faced his problems head on and went sober and in doing so discovered his way forward in life.

Canon 5DMK3/ Sony Ruvi & Filmconvert

Director/ Cinematographer/ Editor: Gareth Bowler

Music: Soul Battles by Ryan Taubert (

Thank you: Mum, Dad, John, Denice, Workington Crossfit.


“Inspiring, honest and brave. People need to see this.”
“Powerful and extremely moving.”
“The film holds the exact reasons for why I am overcoming years and years of serious clinical depression.”
“This is truly inspirational!”
“So emotional and so proud well done”
“Inspirational and outstanding. Take a look at this. 3 minutes 50 that you will treasure.”
“very very special indeed.”
“I have a lump in my throat and goosebumps from head to toe.”
“This is the reason I think health and fitness is powerful as a change catalyst” – Ben Coomber Performance Nutritionist
“really inspirational. What a story!” – Ali Jawad Paralympic World Champion Powerlifter
“At Addaction, we are serious about putting our service users in control of their lives. We want people to be inspired and motivated to achieve bigger and greater things in their own recovery. The film ‘Sober’ made by Gareth Bowler brilliantly conveys a message that recovery is an aspiration that can be achieved. The National Recovery Conference represents the beating heart of our organisation, and we are delighted to be able to feature this film at the event.” – David Badcock – Head of Recovery Engagement Addaction