A short zombie film about a modern-day samurai who struggles to survive against the living and the undead in a post apocalyptic wasteland. We’ll be releasing more short zombie apocalyptic movies & episodes, so please subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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In the last episode of our zombie web series, Kenji stumbles upon a car with a mysterious dead man inside. Finding food and water, Kenji explores the rest of the car and is viciously attacked by a zombie trapped inside the trunk. Bitten and without his sword, Kenji now finds himself in a battle on two fronts — first, against a relentless zombie who’s starved for human brain, and second, against the black plague coursing through his body, threatening to transform him into a zombie himself.

Inspired by WALKING DEAD, MAD MAX, and TWILIGHT SAMURAI, my filmmaking buddies and I decided to produce our first short zombie movie. Instead of shooting an entire zombie film, we decided to break our story up into parts and produce a zombie web series instead. Each webisode will be less than 5 minutes long and end on a cliffhanger. We’ve finished writing 3 episodes and filming 2 episodes.

This is a no-budget short film that was shot on a Canon 5D Mark 3 and Canon Rebel T4i / 650D with STM lens (18-135mm STM kit lens). We hope to show that a little bit of passion and dedication can go a long way. Don’t let a lack of equipment, fear, or money get in the way of your goals!

We shot this short film with a cast of three actors and a crew of four in two days in the middle of a private park in Sacramento. We hope all you bad ass zombie fans out there enjoy our work. If you don’t, it’ll be the unfortunate end of our short-lived series, so please be sure to share our zombie short film to all your horror loving, sci-fi addled, zombie crazed friends!

Starring Khoi Nguyen, Paul Renken, and Jorrelle Abutin
Makeup by Anna Le, Sherry Vang, and Stacey Chau
Special Effects / VFX by Jack Vang and Likozor
Film Crew work by Lee Vang and Stef Tofanelli
Produced by Steven Vang, Hugh Yang
Directed by Jimmy Ren and Jack Vang
Written by Jimmy Ren
Special thanks to Diamond Le, George Waegell, The Butcher Shop, and Ching Vue

Shot with Canon 5D Mark III and Canon Rebel T4i + 18-135 STM lens
Music from Video Copilot Pro Scores

“Dramatic Percussion 1” by Video Copilot Pro Scores
“Aracna Diner” by Video Copilot Pro Scores
“Cyborg CoPilot” by Video Copilot Pro Scores


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