London seems a little less lonely when Lucy meets a cosmonaut on chat roulette…


Made for under ¬£50 while on pre-production for another film, ‘Russian Roulette’ is proof that the best effect your astro-short will ever need is a smart writer (Oli Fenton) and great actors (Bec Hill, Stewart Lockwood). For more from the flick, check out or
WINNER JURY PRIZE Sundance London online short competition 2014

Bec Hill @bechillcomedian –
Stewart Lockwood @Lockers2525 –
Directed by: Ben Aston @benastondir –
Written by: Oli Fenton @thunderfenton
Produced by: Ryan Bennett
Cinematography: Darren Joe – @digitaldarren –
Webcam DOP: Michael Dorgan – @DorganMichael –
Production Design: Jonathan Hillson
Composer: James Morris –
Sound: Tiago Morelli @jacknash –
Gaffers: Manos Ioannou & Oliver Cottam
Colourist: David Herrera
featuring ‘Space Odditty’ by David Bowie – Copyright Sony Music Entertainment

Special Thanks: Tom Rosenthal, Karim Yahyaoui

ALSO, check out our other SotW and Vimeo Staff Pick ‘Dinner and a Movie’ as well as the film I was working on when we made this, ‘He Took His Skin Off For Me’ You can check out the wonderful writeup about the film by Ivan Kander at SotW here –

Official Selection-
WINNER- Jury Prize: Sundance London Competition
Shnit international Short Fest 2014
St. Louis International Film Festival 2014
London Short Film Festival 2015
Bath International Film Festival 2014
LA Comedy Festival 2014
Interfilm Berlin 30th Short Film Festival 2014
Heart Of Gold International Film Festival 2014
Smalls Film Festival 2014
Thurrock Short Film Festival 2014
Monstronale Film Fest 2014