By Robert Fatt

Five people wake up in a room with now memory of what happened. Four are wearing a white shirt and one is a red shirt. Who can they trust and why are they in the room?

This film was shot on a budget of $0. All the “actors” were friends. So yea don’t expect a masterpiece but hopefully it is an interesting concept!

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This short film is kind of like a promo for a feature film I’d like to create with the same concept but expanding it with more complex plot elements.

I shot this film in three hours with six friends (five acting and one helping with sound). Sound was the biggest issue because of the echo in the room and the fact that we weren’t booming sound. It was really interesting creating a film with friends and for the amount of time we spent making the film I think it turned out okay. I probably spent about 4 hours editing total and kind of gave up on the sound. Ideally I would have done ADR for all the sound but I seriously couldn’t be bothered taking that long.

It was all shot completely on my Canon 5d Mark ii with the EF 24-105mm lens and 14mm Rokinon. Edited and coloured in FCPX. I composed the original score as well. Sound for dialogue was a mix of the rode stereo videomic pro and the tascam dr40 but overall audio was absolutely terrible.


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