Red curtains


Red curtains

from Omeleto

A lonely man turns the entire room red to spice up his marriage. But then, the neighbors realize it.

Filmmaker Richard Valk tells the story of a man who tries to breathe new life into his out of touch relationship with his wife. A man finishes work at his dull job and bikes home. He greets a neighbor and walks into the house. His wife is making dinner.
He gives her a quick peck on the cheek and goes to the living room to watch TV. They eat without saying a word. Later, in bed, they read in silence. The next morning, he hops on his bike and goes to work. But his usual route is blocked.
He takes a detour through the red light district and notices a prostitute in the window.
She waves at him, but he keeps going to work. On the way home, he passes the prostitute and they wave to each other. He arrives home and gives his wife a kiss on the cheek and goes to the living room. As they eat in silence, he thinks about the prostitute.
The next day, he stops at the window. She opens the red curtain and gestures for him to come in. He replies that he’s late for work and rides off. He browses the Internet for red curtains. That night, he lies in bed, smiling at an idea. Then, gives his wife a kiss and goes to sleep. The next day, a delivery man arrives with a package — red curtains.
His wife finds it odd, but lets him put them up in the house. One the way to work, he waves to the prostitute. Then, he begins to look up furniture pieces in the same shade of red — chairs, rugs, lamps. He bikes home with the bags of red items and sets them up the room. He asks his wife to sit as he goes outside to look at her through the window. Then, he shops for lingerie online. He rushes home to knock on the window.
His wife opens the curtains and he gives her a present. Later that night, the excitement returns to their love life. The next morning, he waves at the prostitute on his way to work. He’s a bit more energetic at work. He goes home and knocks on the window.
The curtains open to reveal his wife in lingerie. He sees the neighbors watching and gives them a smile and walks in. They kiss passionately.
She goes through his wallet and takes his money. Then, they head to the bedroom. The next morning, he’s extra early and excited for work. He returns home and knocks on the window, but his wife doesn’t answer. The door opens and another man walks out. She asks him for the money, but he doesn’t have enough. He goes to the ATM.
At work, he sits thinking. Then, he bikes home to see a line of men in front of his house. He angrily rips down the red curtains. They sit eating in silence as before.
Then, he bikes his usual route to work. Later that day, he sees the neighbors putting up red curtains. Used with permission from Freek Zonderland.
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