Ragged Rulers


Ragged Rulers

from xundheit freirad

one shot video: Emergency Nails “Ragged Rulers”

one-shot ermergency nails Workstation 2017 : Regie: Hermann Leitner, Daniel Huber Regieassistenz: Annina Kuen Kamera/Licht: Daniel Huber, Mladen Delic Maske u Kostüm (Puder&Pinsel): Barbara Frei Screenfotos: Thomas Bergler Einsame Furie: Baki Keseric Ragged Ruler: Marco Frei SSF: Naima Stambader Barkeeper: Tinti Fliege: Lumi Guggi Tubist: Josef Sonnweber Dä coole Alte: Tatjana Petric Fan: Selda Fan: Karin Berner Groupie: Christine Pichler Konzertgast: Sarah Voss Wandstütze: Manuel Weiter Musik: Emergency Nails „Ragged Rulers“ Band: Doc Rhodes, Ringo, Mr.DNA, Batmary Drehort: Workstation, Innsbruck 2017 song-text:

Chorus (2x) sticking together in our little musty world (beide) waiting for the sun that never got unfurled we´re dancing with the flys hula hulas we´re acting like ragged rulers Stefan let me explain one thing for sure I got a percription from my doctor as a cure on daily basis to heal my soul and that´s a devil´s thing called rock´n´roll Claudia to make my point straight into your face I hate that noise so loud in my place need all concentration for my wall to inspect cause I feed and breed a tiny insect

Chorus (2x) Stefan I can tell you a good alternative and please don´t you be so negative I read the books of hellfire cause I am a rock´n´roll vampire Claudia oh darling I knew it all along We have different desires to prolong but more than I demand on you I love insects in our room to flew Chorus (2x)


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