When all is lost and gone and you’re in the midst of deep despair, don’t give up, for there’s always a brighter side around the corner.

Puggums is a story about a young orphan boy whose only friends are hopelessness and despair. On Puggums quest to finding a family, he encounters trials and hardships that come with the unforgiving winter. Our thesis is a story of the darkest hours before dawn.

Puggums is a film by MontaQue Ruffin and Shane Simpson


MontaQue Ruffin -Director, Writer, Storyboard Artist, Animator, Character Modeler, Rigger.

Shane Simpson – Lighter/Compositor, Rendering, Lead Texture Artist, Character Treatment (Fur).

Stephanie Lin- Concept Artist, Prop Modeler & Texture Artist.

Jack Caron – Lead Environmental Modeler & Texture Artist.

Anne Yang – Character Clothing Texture Artist.

Justin Coo – Prop Environmental Modeler.

Dan Dickheiser – Modeler, Texture Artist, Zbrush Artist.

Michelle Li – Rigging and Modeling.

Russ Howard III – Music Composer

Rick Rivera – Sound Designer

Additional help

Ellen Su – Concept Artist
Ryan Chong – Automobile Modeler


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