A man who can’t recognize faces looks closely at a photo of his girlfriend. Then, he realizes it.

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Filmmaker Hugo Keijzer tells the story of Alfred, a man who suffers from prosopagnosia, a condiction that prevents him from recognizing and remembering faces. Inspector Peck is questioning Alfred’s whereabouts.
Alfred tries to explain how he can’t identify faces — not even his own face. He lacks a certain component in his brain that enables people to read the complex set of features of the face. He can’t help the detective in finding the murderer of his ex-girlfriend Julia.
Peck doesn’t believe him, since he found her dead in the apartment and looked perpetrator right in the eyes. Alfred reveals how Julia tried to help him with his condition. She kept the same hair color and perfume so he’d have something to recognize her by. She was the only person who wasn’t a stranger to him. A flashback reveals the murder. Alfred walks in to see Julia on the ground. He’s about to call the police when he sees the killer run away. He describes the suspect to Peck’s amusement.
That’s what Alfred looks like — except for a dark t-shirt. Peck says there’s no sign of forced entry and suspects the murder is a crime of passion. He begins to put the pressure on. And paints a scenario where Alfred wanted to be more than just friends. Then, Alfred reveals they had dated, but he was the one to break it off with Julia. He has another girl that he loves named Laura. Peck storms out and Alfred takes out a photograph of Laura to look at. He took the picture to try to remember her face. When the inspector comes back, he looks different. Alfred really can’t remember faces. Peck says he saw the CCTV camera from a gas station and believes that he’s innocent. Then, he takes Alfred to the crime scene. On the ride there, they talk about Laura. She’s completely different from Julia. Alfred tells Peck Julia was happy for him. And she was very happy in her relationship. Alfred stands outside and begins to look at the photograph again. Then, Peck hands Alfred the autopsy photograph of Julia. Peck tells Alfred she truly did love him. Then, he stands speechless.
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