Once upon a time


From Cristina Ortiz Photo.

ONCE UPON A TIME is a personal view of cemeteries using photography and music composed specifically for the film.

This is a narrative film about cemeteries as silent places that explain the story of NANU’s life. NANU is a character I use frequently in other photographic series as representation of a human being. The cemetery, a place where you can find stories, and sensitive details of death but also of living people, are my other usual subjects. You can see my other photographic series of cemeteries at crisortiz.com/once-upon-a-time-i-2015/#1 and crisortiz.com/once-upon-a-time-ii-2015/#1. This film is one of their stories.

Composition by Luis Rojas at soundcloud.com/luisrojas2011
Music direction by ferrie = differentieel audio.dailym.net/
Photography and film edition by Cristina Ortiz crisortiz.com
Video sunset: Johann Mynhardt
Text: Consuelo Arredondo
Translation: Tim Clarke

“The city of the dead, constructed by the living as a silent and still image of a restless and bustling city.
It has its houses, small, damp and dark; some more spacious and sunny; It has its individual apartments where the tranquil inhabitants crowd each other; it seems that they lack room … but no, what they lack is movement, why would you want more room?
Also this city has streets and gardens through which visitors pass, the future dead, amongst the present dead.
Dead people of all ages, with dead children and their dead dolls.
The schedule of this city is regulated so that essential work, crafts and ceremonies are arranged in a map corresponding to the firmament on that date: thus the days and nights on earth are reflected in the sky. Or conversely, the days in heaven and the nights on earth.

—-I understand well that you, that you feel part of an unchanging sky, meticulous clockwork gears, you bring nothing to your city and your habits change little. Yours is the only city that suits you, you remain motionless in time, the moving image of eternity… You have departed from time, you’re already in eternity, why would you want to change? Yes, I know, man prefers to want for nothing instead of wanting for something… but the sky, inspiring laws, cities and calendars, must be heard; maybe this is why you are so quiet?—

You deserve to be remembered for two virtues: secure in yourself, because nothing affects you, you tell me in your faces from those black and white photographs of serene gestures, even smiling; and prudence, convinced that all innovation in the city influences the design of heaven, before every decision you calculate the risks and benefits for themselves and for the whole city … and worlds.” Consuelo Arredondo


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