Never Without My Denture


CGI 3D Animated Short: “Never Without My Denture” – by Team JSM

from The CGBros

Watch this funny 3D animated short called “Jamais Sans Mon Dentier” (Never Without My Denture), as four pensioners in a nursing home while watching their favorite soap opera when the Evil Nurse confiscates the TV remote! For more information, please see the details and links below:

Alice Coutelle – Modeling/Shading/Lighting/Compositing :
Thomas Dibet – Animation/Rigging :
Hugo Favre – Animation/Layout/Storyboard/Script :
Eliette Gibaud – Animation/Rigging :…
Cerise Grefferat – Modeling/Texturing/Lighting/Rendering :
Guillaume Jarrosson – Modeling/Texturing/Lighting/Rendering :
Thi Bich Pham – Modeling/Shading/Lighting/Compositing :
Thibault Spieser – Animation/Layout :
Nolwenn Grignon – Concept Art :…
Jordan Parrin – Concept Art :…
Amin K.Goudarzi – Music composer :
Yanier Hechavarria – Music composer :
Bruno Degunst – Sound design : https://compositeurmusiquebrunodeguns…


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