MINI. 50 Years: Wheels On Each Corner


From manuel werner.

This is a short doc about the Mini due to its` 50th birthday this year I did as a writer-director.

It`s about the transformation and redesign of a unique automotive legend from past to present.

It gives a small insight on the history of the car and features real Mini drivers from all around the world with all the love & passion they share for this little iconic vehicle.
I tried to combine both, the classic and new Mini, because It seemed to me that the fascination and passion of the drivers for their cars, whether for the old or new Mini, feels somewhat equal.

Currently I am working on the full length feature documentary version, so this short film can be seen as a longer trailer for it.
The long form is mainly focussed on those real Mini drivers and their personal stories and of course the stories behind their cars.
Naturally I could not include so much of the personal emotions of the protagonists (and not all of them) into the short form, just simply because of the limited running time. But anyways it gives an short insight into the world of the Mini past, present and future.

I travelled with a very basic crew almost all around the world and we shot more than 65hours of footage on S16mm and DVCPro HD.

Hope you like it!



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