EN: If your mind is a box, would you want to open it? Watch this cleanly amnesiac exercising in her apartment. Routines increase as time passes. But what is wrong with the door?
Mademoiselle Nimsi shows us the peace of mind in a situation that might stress others.

DE: Wenn dein Geist ein Kasten ist, würdest du ihn öffnen wollen? Beobachtet diese reinliche Vergessliche beim Trainieren! Routinen nehmen mit der Zeit zu. Was ist bloß mit der Tür los? Fräulein Nimsi versprüht Seelenruhe und Fantasie in ihrer beengten Situation.

We created this improvisation as a game and exercise within a few hours.

We call it “The Music Game”. Camille improvised music on a piano after receiving a few words from Dave.
“Beethoven in love, 15 years old” and many similar ones.

Then we selected a few songs and gave them to other filmmakers to create their pictures to to the music.

1. International KinoKabaret Prague, Czech Republic 2012
2. FrIKK – Festival für freie Kunst und Kultur Berlin, Germany 2012
3. Internationaler Videoclip Wettbewerb Berlin, Germany 2012
4. interfilm – International Short Film Festival Berlin, Germany 2012
5. International Film Festival “ZOOM – ZBLIŻENIA” Jelenia Góra, Poland 2013
6. Independent Days Karlsruhe, Germany 2013
7. International Samobor Film Music Festival, Croatia 2013 (nominated for best original score)
8. featured on: The Best Microfilms
9. Portobello Film Festival London, United Kingdom 2013
10. International Short Film Day Celebration Prague – December 21, Czech Republic 2013
11. Kingbonn – International New Media Short Film Festival, Shenzhen, China 2014
12. Festival de Cortos y Salud Mental – Sevilla, Spain 2014
13. Kinofilm – Manchester International Short Film Festival, United Kingdom 2014
14. MACHT GELD – Art Exhibition at Schalterraum Berlin, Germany 2014
15. TRAILER IN MOTION – International Meeting of Cinema, TV, Video and Multimedia Avanca, Portugal 2014
16. Five Continents Film Festival Acri, Italy 2015
17. Blackbird Film Festival Cortland, USA 2015
18. Horror Online Art Film Festival of Navarra, Spain 2015
19. Golden Anteaters Film Festival Lublin, Poland 2015
20. FINCORTEX – Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes Experimentales, Tunja, Colombia 2015
21. Lima Bean Film Fest St. Louis, USA 2016
22. Life Screenings Festival Orlando, Florida, USA 2017


broadcast on
featured on: The Best Microfilms

Part of Dave Lojek’s APERON FILMS retrospective for MACHT GELD – Art Exhibition at Schalterraum Berlin Schöneweide, Germany 2014


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