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Lumi discovers his world for the first time. He looks up the sky and gets touched by the stars. Then, everything goes dark and suddenly appears GriGro, a strange being that grows out of control in the absence of light.

Lumi descubre su mundo por primera vez. Mira al cielo y se conmueve ante las estrellas. En ese instante todo oscurece y aparece repentinamente GriGro, un extraño ser que crece inmensamente con la ausencia de luz.

Produced in house at

Martin Piana: Direction and photography, script, Art direction, Character Design, Storyboard development, 3D assistance and compositing.

Javier Bustos: Script, Sound design, Original score and music.

Dolores Okecki: Concept artist, Character design and layout, Storyboard artist, Character animation.

Jonathan Rodegher: 3D character modeling and rigging, Lighting and textures , Rendering, secondary animation, compositing.

You can also watch the film at the source.


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