“When the streets and theatre got the same hero, feel the main features of Libretto No. 0”

This is a short film about relationships between theatre, streets and skateboarding, how they are connected to each other and is there any limits between them. Everyone got they own theatre, own streets and own libretto.
We are the libretto, which nobody knows, we are Libretto No.0!

Director: Adrian RYBCHYNSKYI
Music by Adrian Rybchynskyi & Roman Nastyuk
DOA: Andriy Tkachuk
Operator: Rostyslav Oleksyn, Maksym Dutka

Adrian Rybchynskyi
Olexandr Bohush
Yaroslav Kryvko
Andriy Chapran
Vlad Svyshch
Pavel Palamarchuk
Taras Romashchenko
Valik Lybyk
Danik Geletiy
Tanya Koval

Lviv 2015


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