Lay Down Your Weapons


from Christian StanglPlus

Following the path of Strange Freedom´s previous videos we wanted to move from rather materialistic and abstract creations towards a glimpse of humaneness but still up to one’s neck in morass. In particular we focused on the most common feature of identification: the human face. At first, it seems defenseless, even motionless, dead, fading into the background like stone. It looks like endless layers of dust and debris smothering every pore, every twitch of expression. All blessings and wounds paint traces onto faces. »Lay down your weapons« describes a long battle to survive.

This music video is based on thousands of single macroscopic and microscopic photographies.

Visuals by:
Christian Stangl

Music by:
Almalyn Griesauer
Robert Stefan
Michael Willer

Make up by:
Hannes Steinherr


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