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Shot and Edited by Gavin Heffernan ( Twitter:
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When I first started researching King’s Canyon (and Sequoia National Park), a location John Muir called “A rival to Yosemite,” I found numerous daytime landscape photos of its stunning vistas, but very little night astrophotography. With the Giant Sequoia Trees and the impossibly steep cliffs of King’s Canyon serving as beautiful-yet-formidable “obstacles” to an unobstructed sky, it seemed a worthy challenge to seek out some night skyscapes in the parks, while capturing the verdant beauty of the landscapes by day. This meant a lot of serious driving across much of the combined 1,353 square miles of the two parks (with a principal focus on the Mineral King and Zumwalt Meadows areas) but it paid off with some really amazing night skies, including the biggest meteor strike I’ve captured on camera (1:41 & 2:26), some epic summertime milky way passes, and more wild star trails experimentations.

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We arrived on the summer solstice of June 21st, 2014 and shot for 3 days and two nights. Most night shots were captured with 25 second exposures on two Canon EOS 6D’s with a variety of wide, fast lenses, including a 24mm f1/4 and 28mm f1/8. The star trails effect is created by tracing rotations of the Earth’s axis, using long exposures and a freeware rendering program called STARSTAX.

Unlike the desolate deserts of shoots past, these locations were teeming with wildlife – from native trout running in the streams, to deer so tame they’d walk right up to you. Our most exciting nature encounter to date came when a big brown bear stumbled upon us as we were setting up a timelapse! (see the entire encounter in behind the scenes doc here: at 2:29). This doc also includes other amazing parts of the parks we saw (Giant Sequoias etc) but couldn’t quite fit into this one timelapse.

The music is titled “Rain is Coming”, a piece by amazing composer and friend Tim Phillips (@catheadmusic) from his epic DRAGON album for the National Theatre of Scotland. You can hear more & purchase it here:
Reproduced by kind permission of Manners McDade Music Publishing Limited, London

Shot and Edited by: Gavin Heffernan (
Timelapse Produced by: Gavin Heffernan and John C. Brookins
Behind the Scenes Shot, Produced, Edited by John C. Brookins

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