Find below our first interview in our ‘ interview’ series held bij Constant Hoogenbosch with Yasuyuki from Japan.

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What is it that appeals to you about the short film?

To be able to actualize the idea and/or concept of the story with much less struggles with money and time etc than feature films. I can also experiment too as the pressure is less.

What qualities do you believe make a good short film?

Concept and story as well as the way it is expressed.  On the other hand, I’m not really into films that try to impress audiences with their technical gimmicks like CGI and over stylized edits and so on. Find them very.. .product-y.

To what extent is making short films a stepping stone to making feature films?

I think it all depends on a material but usually a lot, I think. You could definitely make a short film to see if it will work for a feature film or not – especially when you want to try out from ground zero to build its own style.

What is the most challenging aspect of making short films?

To get the idea across with limited time and money – as there is no market for short films, I make them not expecting to recoup the money so I try not to spend too much. And I usually put them out on Youtube or Vimeo after the completion.

Do you have a preference to a certain genre?

I like comedy but I think my foundation is drama – usually with little comedy or horror or experimental elements mixed and that depends on projects.

What do you like most when making a short film – writing the script – directing – camera?

Editing – that is when the film takes its own shape so.

Do you work with a script – where do you get the inspiration from?

I used to write the scripts but I prefer to make films only with outlines. Maybe it has to do with me making lots of mini documentary for clients… But anyway, I find what we get in reality are more fascinating than what are set up and/or planed for particular projects. Besides, when I get the script materials, details start to matter more and that require time and money and technical skills to actualize. On the other hand, when I have only outlines, I can incorporate what’s happening around us even if they are unexpected rather than freaking out over it. (In a way, I get to keep the “writing” process while shooting.)

As for inspiration, most of them start with visions in my head. They usually just pop up , out of blue, and they start to get materialized over time.

Do you leave room for improvisation?

Like I mentioned above, YES. A LOT.

Would love to do films only with improvisation in future.

Did you receive funding for your project?

Depending on projects but for “She Sees”

Crew (DOP) and cast are paid for. In a way, that is.

Client asked to do this mini movie for their product

But the money he offered was ridiculously LOW.

He was a friend of mine but… he definitely was taking advantage of that. I don’t think this is cool at all but anyway I had this idea I wanted to try for short so we accepted this on one condition that we spend half of the time to do a short film – which became “She Sees” – while we shoot the video for his product.  So we shot them back and forth in one day. They are very opposite, one is film and other is just an advert. It was pretty tough mentally to switch my mind while shooting them.

For other shorts, I made some with my own money with the help from friends but for some we got paid to do and some we shot after we did client work – this way we get to keep the crew, cast and equipments so.


Did this short while we were shooting music video

this is the music video

and this, we shot after we finished the client work

here’s the client work

These were fully commissioned;

This was for a Japanese fashion brand.

They wanted to show a short film before their runaway.

This was for talent agency here in Japan

They made this Youtube channels for horror short (I did comedy though)

This one, made long time ago, was for spa resort. They wanted a video to promote their place and I suggested a short film and they bought the idea. (It involves with gay man and a woman – luckily the client did not ask for details and it was shot all improvised. )

How did you go about assembling a film crew and actors?

Again, it all depends but I like minimum crew so that we can be flexible. And I shoot myself lately. But when certain crew is needed, I basically ask around through friends who are professional, As for actors, mostly friends who are professionals and when “other” actors are needed, we go for references from friend of friend etc.

What did you use to edit the film?

For “She Sees”, I edited it on Final Cut 7. Older ones are edited on Avid. I now use FCPX.

What camera did you shoot on?

“She Sees” was shot on 5D. Nowadays, I shoot GH4 for 4K. (Sometimes I use GoPro, iPhone etc.)

Could you name one or two filmmakers that you consider great influences?

This is difficult as I have soooooo many. But if I have to name only two, I have to limit the list to filmmakers from my own country and that would be; Hiroshi Teshigahara and Yasujiro Ozu. If I can add a little more, I would love to mention early Roman Polanski, David Lynch, Terrence Malick and Keisuke Kinoshita too

What are you working on next? Do you already have a new project in mind?

I have several projects planned out, Narrowing them down for the next one. They are all feature films. I think I have done enough short films. I will probably do a short when and if I get the idea with circumstances ready to go.

What advice would you give to other short filmmakers?

If you have an idea and/or concept and/or story that you think you could express, go for it. I would suggest not to wait around for right budget, equipments, cast and so forth. Just gather whatever you could and shoot. Put it out there and move on. And eventually you will find your own style – the way only you could express.

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