With the spread of a demonic infection, Kevin struggles to survive in a world that forces him to face his crippling fears and overcome the painful guilt that threatens to destroy his mind.

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This film was created after I saw an abandoned building. Most of the work I create is based off of random ideas or thoughts that cross my mind, as this one did. I created this film a little less than a year after I started to become interested/involved in filmmaking. I was testing my ability to create tension and utilize tropes. The following list will help answer any questions you may have about it’s creation:

Budget: $0
Time Spent Filming: Approx. 25hrs
Camera: Canon Rebel T2i (550D)
Editing: Adobe Premiere
Sound: Adobe Audition
Effects: Adobe After Effects
Microphone: Rode Videomic
Crew: 2-3 people

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Spencer Ward