Imaginary friend


Imaginary friend

An awkard girl walks up to a cute boy. To his shock, she starts talking to her imaginary friend.

from Omeleto

Writer and director Kate Tsang offers a warm, charming tale of true friendship and growing up, as an imaginary friend contemplates life after retirement.

Ex is 11-year-old Izzy’s imaginary friend, and together the pair read books and watch movies. As a result of his long, nine-year tenure, Ex is a superstar at the Bureau of Imaginary Friends.

But Ex’s boss — a giant teddy bear named BearBear — thinks it’s time for Ex to move on, so Izzy can grow up and make human friends. Ex think he can weather this transition and help ‘coach’ Izzy into early adolescence.

But the transition is bumpier — and funnier — than expected. Visually imaginative and ingenuous, this lovely fantasy is grounded in emotional truth. It charms viewers with a sense of whimsy — but nearly everyone can relate to the transitions of growing up and leaving childhood behind.

“So You’ve Grown Attached” is a charming delight, imaginative in execution and utterly heartfelt. Used with permission from Kate Tsang.

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