FF Short: Dutch Scapes (Netherlands)


In our series Fridays Featured City Short we visit The Netherlands with Rick Kloekke. Visit here our complete series.

“Dutch Scapes – A timelapse journey through Dutch nature” is a one man project to show people the beauty of our country, The Netherlands. Many people are always complaining about the weather and the ‘boring’ landscapes, but look at this video!! Now you can say that is totally nonsense! I am appreciating the Dutch landscapes more and more every time I am out shooting and I hope you too by seeing this short film!

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For the guys who want to see some numbers and gear I used:
– About 3 months of shooting (spare time)
– At least 260 GB of RAW footage
– Two canon 600D bodies
– Tokina 11-16 mm f/2.8
– Canon 70-200 mm IS USM f/4.0
– Canon 50 mm f/1.4
– Multiple tripods
– Homemade slider (I would love to have some 3 axis stuff in the future!!! Haha)


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