Michael is determined to reconnect with his wife and daughter over a family dinner but his chilling past may hinder the once ‘loving family’.

IMDb: imdb.com/title/tt3653884/
Website: familyportraitfilm.com/

Official Selection at the following film festivals:
Branchage Film Festival
Portsmouth International Film Festival
South West London International Film Festival

Starring: Robert Benedetti-Hall, Emily Swain & Katie Flynn

Produced & Directed by: Jack De La Mare
Written by: Andrew Gaudion & Jack De La Mare
Cinematographer & Cam Op: Richard Emerson
Music by: Mitchell Gibbs
Art Director: Josh Fletcher
Boom Op/Sound: Laura Stoneman
Make-up Artist: Sara Bryant
Colourist: Michael McCauley
Gaffer: Jeffrey Celis & Alex Rigert-Harnden

Thank you to those that made this film possible. I hope you enjoy it!