Death’s (Man)date is a six minute short film created by a group of independent filmmakers which won Best Film at 48 Hour Film Project Johannesburg 2014. The 48 Hour Film Project is a global competition in which teams across the world make a movie – write, shoot, edit and score it – in just 48 hours.

The required elements for all films to compete over the weekend were:

Character: Henry or Heila Miles, Financial Advisor
Prop: A roll of toilet paper
Dialogue: “It was a mistake!”

Henry Miles, an average Joe financial advisor, is visited by Death who tells him his time on earth is up.
He’s presented with two options and opts for the more interesting one, thinking he might be able to sway the poker faced Death, but how easy would you think that would be?

* Best Film – 48 HFP Johannesburg 2014
* Best Acting – 48 HFP Johannesburg 2014
* Best use of Dialogue – 48 HFP Johannesburg 2014

We hope you enjoy our film and please do watch in HD for best quality 🙂

Henry Miles – MornĂ© Du Toit
Death – Vittorio Leonardi

Director/DOP – Rick Joaquim
Director/DOP/VFX/Grade – Waldo BĂĽchner
Editor – Eilidh Goosen
Editor – Brian Mason
Sound/Producer – Franco Strydom
PD/Make-Up – Barbara Brasington
Camera Assistant / Grip – Daniel Fisher
Camera Assistant / Grip – Ingmar BĂĽchner
Production Assistant – Brenna M. Rong

Nate’s Audio Visual
Ida Strydom
Javelin TV
Fireball Productions
Kasmario Fankis

This film was made for the 48 Hour Film Project.


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