Daniel Arnold – Odds and Ends


from Pinery Films

Brooklyn-based filmmakers Mika Altskan and Matvey Fiks follow street photographer Daniel Arnold over three days and across the five boroughs as the photographer homes in on his subjects—teenagers lifting weights in an alleyway, grandmothers gossiping on a boardwalk bench, a father who pantomimes throwing his son in a trash can—depicting the diverse, chaotic energy of the city, and Arnold’s method of capturing the moments that can slip past others in all of their humanity-revealing glory.

Story: vogue.com/article/new-york-city-short-film-photographer-daniel-arnold

Director, Editor, Cinematographer: Mika Altskan & Matvey Fiks
Animation: Ilya L. Barrett
Sound Design: Nikolay Antonov
Soundtrack: Csisterna ( soundcloud.com/csisterna )

Special Thanks: Kenny Suleimanagich, Emily Rosser, Pablo Marvel, Nile Berry

Lab: Metropolis Post
Shot on Kodak Motion Picture Film


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