“Creature From The Lake” – by The Creature From The Lake Team


TheCGBros Presents – “Creature From The Lake” – In the 80s, a manly and experienced monster hunter hero of a low-budget TV show, followed by his fat cowardly camerawoman go to a remote lake on the night of a full moon when mysterious disappearances tend to occur. Credits-Contributors 3D Animation: Renata Antunez, Alexis Bédué, Léa Bresciani, Amandine Canville, Maria Castro Rodriguez, Logan Cluber, Nicolas Grangeaud, Capucine Rahmoun-Swierczynski, Victor Rouxel, Orianne Siccardi and Mallaury Simoes. Music and Sound Design: Fabio Centracchio, Alexandre de framond, Victor de Lipski, Julien Laguerre, Nicolas Lorion and Gaetan Marchand.


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