This is my most recent short film that I have been working on for a couple of months. I won best filmmaker at the PAMMY’S (An arts award ceremony at my school, including film) for this film. Don’t forget to smash that like button, comment, and subscribe! 🙂 Enjoy.

GENRE: Zombie/Action/Comedy

SYNOPSIS: In a post-apocalyptic colony, the leader of the colony attempts to kill two of the members for being absolute idiots, causing a threat to everyone in the colony, with zombies getting in the way as well.

Directed, Produced, Shot, & Edited by: Jack Larkin

Written by: Jacob Ayers

Cast: Max Peterson, Mason Amdor, Christopher Diem, Arthur Pescan, Emily Arenal, Dana Kadifa, Safvet Besen, Chris Rybus, Brayjonn Brooks, Max Remmington, & Billy Hoffman.

Special Effects Makeup: Rory Gaudio

Music by: Various Artists.

Boom Op: Sean Olsen

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