Circle One


From César Pesquera on Vimeo.

René lives a dull, uneventful life in a subterranean and futuristic world. He is about to be promoted and transferred from Circle One to Circle Six, when a series of mysterious mounds start to appear systematically in his apartment.

“César Pesquera redefines the spaces of a hotel in Barcelona inspired by Dante’s Inferno in his experimental science-fiction film equally influenced by Tarkovski’s Solaris and Kubrik’s 2001” CAHIERS DU CINEMA

“The set design is beautiful and the attention to detail is super high, luckily this never distracts from René’s journey, partly because Pablo Menasanch playing René is so arresting and writer / director César Pesquera has done such a great job setting and maintaining the tone.” FORMFIFTYFIVE

“In the realm of ultra-rational asepsis, it is the space that takes over the body, like an invisible hand that transforms, little by little, the nondescript to latent tragedy.” BROAD.CAT

“I love the feeling of not knowing exactly what is happening but at the same time knowing it is something very profound.” QUAYOLA, artist.


2011. Alcine Festival. Alcalá de Henares. Spain
2011. Twin Gallery. Madrid. Spain
2011. Alphaville Festival. London. UK
2011. The Vyner Sessions. The Vyner Studio. London. UK
2011. Rencontres Internationales Berlin. Haus der Kulturen der Welt. Germany
2011. Offf Festival CCCB. Barcelona. Spain
2011. Rencontres Internationales Madrid. Filmoteca Española. Spain
2011. En.Piezas. La Casa Encendida. Madrid. Spain
2010. Rencontres Internationales Paris. Centre Georges Pompidou. France.
2010. ZINEBI. Bilbao. Spain.
2010. Rojo®Nova. MIS. São Paulo. Brasil.


Starring: Pablo Menasanch, Pep Ribas, Joan Llaneras, Andres Tebar, Francesc Pages and Cesc Gomez

Written and directed by: César Pesquera
Executive Producers: Pablo Nolla & Marta Delgado
DoP: Alejandro Oset & José Luis Bernal
Casting Director: Josu Bilbao
Production Designer: César Martinez
Assistant Director: Arnau Montanyes
Production Manager: Marc Monclús
Costume Designer: Nona Permayer
Make Up: Patricia Arnaiz & Carla Bressan
First Production Assistant: Eva Aparicio
Editor: César Pesquera
Postproduction: Alvaro P. Posadas
Graphic Design: César Pesquera
3D: Cubica
Sound Design: La Fábrica de Carbón
Colorist: Moncho Sánchez-Gomez
Music: Vicent Fugere & César Pesquera





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