A high octane thriller starring cheese! Cheese has never been so exciting before! By ThomasCrookFilms.

I animated this film at Staffordshire University in 2007.

If you enjoyed the cartoon please check out the official website at www.cheesemen.co.uk where you can find a facebook page to like, a Twitter page to follow and even an online shop where you can get cool merchandise!
I use the term “HD” lightly, I uploaded this film several years ago when the technical video specifications for Youtube were quite restrictive and I had to put it through video processing (which dropped the quality) to get it to the right file size/resolution etc required for Youtube to accept it back in the day. However, this version has been re-uploaded directly to Youtube from the master video file and I think it has come out at a higher quality than the original one I uploaded years ago, hence the “HD” in the title.