Two men, one room, no time…

Directed by M. Roz Hall

Written by Sparky Noonan

Produced by Ciao Handy Michael: Jos Lawton Colin: Andrew Elias

Camera Assistant: Ross MacLauglin

Sound: Peter Lancaster

Stills Photography: Claire Shannon.

‘Although it seems to live in the genre of thrillers the most compelling thing about this film is the relationship between the two men. This is what pushes the film beyond any purely genre elements. It made me think of Samuel Beckett writing a Twilight Zone episode. The fact that I was as intrigued as I was by the characters after a few short minutes speaks I think, to the quality of acting. With very little to go on for the audience the two actors give us quite sharp and well realized performances.’ TriggerStreet Labs review.

‘Overall it is a very elegant low budget story where the two talking heads in a room situation is utilized very well. (4/5) Writing: The dialogue is lifelike and interesting. The action is paced well. (5/5) Acting: It’s easy to tell that these are either professional actors or very talented amateurs. I didn’t notice anything false or boring in any of the deliveries. (5/5)’ TriggerStreet Labs review.

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