Beautiful Reactions from Beauty of Science A new music video from, with music composed by Lani Elisabeth ( Update on Feb 20, 2016: texts and chemical equations added for better understanding the video.
Set in rural Country Victoria, Playground tells the story of soon-to-be-married Stew and his childhood best friend Clint who go on a weekend camping trip in the bush. As Stew prepares to leave his country roots and move to the inner Melbourne suburbs with his fiancée Liz, tensions simmer...
Slimtime, shared by Quto Alexander. You can also watch this film at the source.
From pyramus. An interactive interpretation of dance, performed live in 60 seconds. All visual effects were achieved in-camera, using an interactive installation I've created. (How? * MARCH 8, premiere screening @ Cinedans Festival 2013, EYE Amsterdam, The Netherlands * * MARCH 17, screening @ Mister Vorky short film festival 2014, Ruma,...
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Sharks’ Teeth - Lost In The Cosmos from Derek Beck Premiere: From "It Transfers & Grows" by Sharks' Teeth out on 12" vinyl via Gigantic Noise & Cassette via Community Records.


Written, Directed, Filmed, and Edited by Matthew Palmer. Narrated by Amy Ithurburn Actors: Tim O'Malley Henry Stroud Amy Ithurburn Henry Stroud Color Correction and Visual Effects by Sigismund S. Pikul
From: Jonathation Camera: Music: Looking for time-lapse clips to make your own video? Location of the Dutch windmills at Kinderdijk, a UNESCO world heritage site:
Eunoia. Noun (uncountable)(rhetoric) Goodwill towards an audience, either perceived or real; the perception that the speaker has the audience's interest at heart. Directed / Filmed by Sebastien Zanella Featuring Pedro Boonman Music : Transient by Johnny Fiasco Produced by Johann Bondu Location : Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi Maldive Islands Supported by Fox Europe
About: A story revolving around the lives of three people intertwined by work and livelihood and how the greed and need for money changes their lives forever. Directed, Story & Written By: Chandrima Ghosh & Akash Ganguly DOP/Editing: Akash Ganguly Screenplay: Chandrima Ghosh Music: Sandeep Mishra, Sourav Dey & Abdullah Al Faruque Crew: Rajrup...