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created by YUJAEHO inspired by Lee Griggs ( ) music by Nokuit ( Shared by YUJAEHO on Vimeo.
"Open road" is an English travel short film based on a love between a man and nature. this film is partially inspired from the books of "The way of a peaceful warrior" and "Into the wild" and from many real life characters and real life experiences. SHOT ON CANON 700D AWARDS...
"The OceanMaker" by Lucas Martell After the seas have disappeared, a courageous pilot fights against vicious sky pirates for control of the last remaining source of water: the clouds. Full Credits: Written, Directed and Produced by LUCAS MARTELL Music By CHRIS REYMAN Head of Story & Layout MICHAEL CAWOOD Art Director/Asset Lead TAD CATALANO CG Supervisor TRAY DUNCAN Producer CHRISTINA MARTELL Lead Animator HENNING KOCZY Animators KAT...
Short Fiction Film. (15 min. color, super 16mm & HD. 2011)
From 16 August 2018, the open-air stage at the Mercedes-Benz Museum will again be transformed into a cinema: between then and 2 September, the Open-Air Cinema will host a total of 16 screenings of various genres and formats.
Reflection on the struggles a woman faces while living with the mental illness and dealing with symptoms it causes.
Meditation on coping with depression relapse.