Break Apart


Break Apart

Bonobo feat. Rhye

from Spencer Creigh

i-D Writeup:

The video is centred around three young couples, in three separate 24-hour periods as they spend an entire day together in one motel room with no phones, televisions, or other distractions. Each comes with their own unique histories, proclivities, and dynamics. We watch their intimate looks, conversations, and touches – juxtaposing their subjective passions with the indifferent transient space of a single motel room.

Directed by: Spencer Creigh
Director of Photography: Dustin Lane
Produced by: Rich Salamone
Production Manager: Ben Haley
Production Coordinator: Cole Edward Mier
1st AC: James Tennity
DIT: Ben Crump
Editor: Zaldy Lopez
Assistant Editor: Johnny Chang
Remote Head Tech: Eric Bergez

Starring: Rachelle Berto, Devon Burress, Stephen Tyler, Rachel Wiegmann, Nikki Paige, Haddy Sowe

Camera Operators: Dustin Lane, Spencer Creigh, Rich Salamone, James Tennity, Mishka Kornai, Nick Roney, Michael Barth, Dan Carr, Ed Leer, Pasqual Gutierrez

Post Supervisor: Sarah Holme
Sound Design: Neil Koperek
Colorist: Matt Osbourne @ The Mill
VFX Artist: Sam Davidson

Editorial: EXILE
EXILE Executive Producer: CL Weaver
EXILE Head of Production: Jennifer Locke
EXILE Producer: Manon Carrié

Production Company: Whitelist.
Exective Producer: Jerad Anderson
Head of Music Video: Brendan Varni
Head of Creative: Colin Moore
Head of Finance & Operations: Natasha Seubert
Head of Production: Matt Griffo

Remote Head Rentals: Industry Sherpa
Special Thanks: Ryan Murray, Anthony Pham, Bobby Moser, Cameron Dutra, Pasqual Gutierrez, Christine Yuan, Mishka Kornai



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