Blind Devotion


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Jubilee Project is excited to share “Blind Devotion”, the second in a series of two short films about unconditional love, in partnership with Pastor Francis Chan and his latest book “You and Me Forever”.

“You and Me Forever” was written by Francis and his wife Lisa on marriage in the light of eternity. Today, 100% of all proceeds from book sales go towards fighting poverty in Africa – projects like building a safe haven village for young women rescued out of prostitution.

There will also be a “You and Me Forever” book mobile app in the App Store & Google Play soon, where “Blind Devotion” will also be available for viewing. In the meantime, the physical book can be purchased at

| CREW |
Director: Edward Young Lee
Executive Producer: Jason Y. Lee, Elaine Zhou, Kevin Kim
Producer: Ngoc Le
Writer: Ivan Tsang
Story: Jason Y. Lee & Ivan Tsang
Director of Photography: Ray Huang
1st. Assistant Director: Kevin J. Nguyen
2nd Assistant Director: Jan Lin
Editor: Eugene Choi
Gaffer/Stunt Driver: Robert Streeper
Grip: Eugene Choi
DIT: Andy Chang
Sound: Taylor Matsunaga
Production Design: Sharlene Park, Taylor Matsunaga, Ngoc Le, Elaine Zhou
Wardrobe: Elaina Park, Sharlene Park, Taylor Matsunaga, Ngoc Le
Hair/Makeup: April Fiske
Production Assistants: Grace Dang Yellow, YJ Gold, Kane Lieu, Kevin Kim, Elaine Zhou
Food served by: Emma Loekmono
Editor: Kyujin Eugene Choi

| CAST |
Cecilia: Mei Melancon
Louie: Jun Kim
Doctor: Tim McCoy
Coworker: Russell Curry

Julia Kay, Mina Son, Michael Keenan, Kimberly Johns, Marlis Pendleton, George Clarke, Amy Lee, Tinnyse Johnson, Joel Zegna, Jonathen Wallace

Carl Choi – The Great Company
Ray Lin – The Great Company
Teresa Antelo – Los Angeles Christian Health Centers
Andrew Oh – Unit 5 Films
Grace Su –
James To – The Great Company
Jean Rheem – Jubilee Project
Lance Heruela

Composer: Jesse Chui



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