BECOMING is the second part in a tetralogy about our relationship with nature…
FALLING (2006) is the first film in this series

directed & produced by |
SHOT On Red One
Zeiss High Speed Primes

Director of Photography | Guy Godfree |
Make-up | Colin Penman |
Music | Rubin Kodheli |

ADDENDUM (the opening shot)
this is in response to all of you who want to know more about what is behind the first shot…

The movement was created with an EZ FX Jib Arm with a remote head (Camera Turret PT24) on a simple doorway dolly with 12 feet of tracks. The camera was upside down so that we could get as low as possible to the water and our crane grip, dolly grip, remote head operator(DP), and focus puller(1stAC) rehearsed the shot for a few hours before our performer, Jessica Keeling, got in that freezing water and held still for that long approach. We almost didn’t get the shot, but that night, when the whole crew saw the first three shots of the movie put together, we knew we were onto something…