Amsterdam light festival 2014/15

In November 2014 I was invited back to the Netherlands to make a time-lapse film for the Amsterdam light festival.

This was one of the most challenging films I have ever made with only 7 days to plan, film and edit this hyperlapse film. It’s been a great experience being in Amsterdam. I really love this city. I have to say a big thank you to the Spruits for kindly accomodating me and a special thank you to Christian And also big thank you to Matt Hughes for the track rodeo warriors.

I was incredibly fortunate to be granted access to so much of the Amsterdam skyline. There are not a huge amount of tall buildings in Amsterdam, especially in the centre. So to be able to film from the few that are dotted around the city really allowed me to dispaly the city from some unique vantage points. In particular I need to thank:
The Double Tree
The City hall
Blue °
Regardz tower
The Rembrandt Tower board room
More information about the artworks featured can be found at
A big thank you also to my sponsors Digislider and triggertrap.

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